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Texan Reaction to New Georgia Gun Law
College Station-- Georgia Governor Nathan Deal signed The Safe Carry Protection Act into law Wednesday, allowing people with a gun license to carry guns in many public and some private places. Some Texans believe the legislation would work well in Texas."The good guys are not going to be able to conquer the bad guys unless they have something to conquer them with," said Scott Keating, who agrees with the law. The law allows guns in any government building that is open for business and does not have security personnel restricting access of screening visitors. It also allows guns in many areas of airports, just not past the security checkpoint."If there's a lot of guns out there that you don't know about, what's the harm?" said Dave Burdett, owner of Burdett & Sons Outdoor Adventure store. "I don't see any big problem with it because again, nobody's going to have a concealed handgun license unless they have a very clean record and they're pretty solid people and know what they're doing." The law also allows guns in bars and churches that allow owners to carry."Going into a bar, getting drunk carrying a weapon, I don't particularly care for that, but a designated driver or going to restaurants that are 51 percent--that's no problem with that," said Scott Davis, who agreed with most of the law. "You have your background check to make sure you're not a violent offender. I'd say almost all the CHL owners are responsible owners because they don't want to lose their license or their ability to carry." 
Costa Rican 'miracle' woman was key to John Paul's sainthood

Costa Rican woman Diaz poses near a statua of John Paul II after she speaken to the media about the miracle that set Pope John Paul II onto the road of sainthoodBy Philip Pullella VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - Floribeth Mora Diaz does not care if people think she is crazy. She is convinced - and so is the Vatican - that she owes her life to a miracle cure because she prayed to the late Pope John Paul. "I have experienced the mercy of God in my own life and I am grateful," she told a news conference at the Vatican on Thursday explaining what Church investigators believe was a miracle attributed to John Paul's intercession with God. Pope Francis will elevate John Paul to sainthood in the Roman Catholic Church on Sunday at a ceremony expected to draw more than one million people to the Vatican.

Discovery to air Everest documentary on May 4
NEW YORK (AP) — Discovery Channel has announced May 4 as the airdate for a documentary on last week's Mount Everest avalanche that killed more than a dozen mountain guides.
Daily Baby Boomer News Update: April 24, 2014
Neither Old Nor Lonesome: New Research Finds U.S. Centenarians Feel Younger Than Their Years, Blessed To Have Lived So ... Centenarians and baby boomers both report feeling younger than their years, according to a new UnitedHealthcare survey. On average, the centenarians surveyed say they feel just 83 Kalispell, MT | Continuous News and Weather Baby [...]
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First Hits Weekend

The spotlight shines on the debut hits by artists and groups. Songs that gave them their first big break.


AARP The Magazine is the world's largest circulation magazine and the definitive lifestyle publication for nearly 40 million members and Americans 50 and over. As America's good-life guide for grownups, the award-winning publication adds value to readers' lives by delivering practical tools and innovative approaches for men and women who want to live their lives to the fullest. AARP The Magazine offers in-depth celebrity interviews, moving profiles, columns written by experts in their fields, features on health and finances, consumer information and how-to tips, and book and movie reviews. AARP Magazine

Baby Boomers.Com

BabyBoomers.com is dedicated strictly to baby boomers, and will address the challenges of the members of this vast generation and the challenges of the generations to follow.  This generation encompasses 75 million adults in their most productive years.  The impact of this group on the economy and the nation cannot be disputed.  All are joined by an increased social awareness and deep concern for not only their baby boomer generation, but the nation and the world as a whole. The objective of BabyBoomers.com is to unite the Boomers in the same way that AARP has united retirees. The Baby Boomer generation is the generation of today.  This is the largest group of consumers in the nation.
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